Up close and personal:
Music and Conversation with David Lanz and Kristin Amarie

In this special intimate and less formal concert setting, limited to only 15 people, David will play and speak freely about his creative process and the audience will be encouraged to ask questions. Later in the evening you will be graced with a few songs from Kristin. All this will happen in the comfortable confines of their home.

If you have ever been curious about David’s process, wanted to experience the more extensive workshops he and Kristin give in their home and see what is behind the music, or just have questions you would love to have him or Kristin answer, this intimate evening of music and conversation is just for you!

David-and-KristinPremium refreshments and snacks

All tickets $95/€88

NOTE: All tickets are paperless.

Home Concert
8 pm, Nov. 11, 2016 – Paphos, Cyprus
(Location: TBD – We’ll send you the exact address.)

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For more information, please write to: contact@davidlanz.com.